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Individual therapy for adults and adolescents

Stressed out?


Work deadlines, new relationships, illness, family life, even choosing between a burger or a salad for your lunch today - stress comes in many forms and is one of the conditions that affects Americans the most.  While stress may start out with a situation, it can lead to many long term health problems, such as high blood pressure, heartburn, panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, and other physical and mental health difficulties. Since stress can be situational, the physical and mental effects of stress may go unnoticed. It’s  important to learn how to positively deal with stress before these problems occur. 


We offer a variety of coping mechanisms for stress management. We take the time to personally sit down with our clients and find the best way to manage their own personal stress levels. Stress is difficult to live with, and affects people in different ways, which is why we take pride in finding the best help for each individual.


There are two forms of stress we experience. Good stress, and bad stress. 


Good stress is critical to our everyday success, as it provides focus, motivation, energy, improves our performance, and can even feel exciting. It’s often short term and is something we all want to experience at some point. Good stress can be seen while playing sports, receiving recognition, or tackling a new home project.


On the opposite end, there is bad stress. Bad stress can cause anxiety, discomfort, decrease in performance, and overall unpleasant and overwhelming feelings. This can be seen in a variety of ways, some of the most common experiences being death, work pressure, and relationship changes. 


Bad stress doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Oftentimes, good stress shifts into bad stress. For example, let’s pretend you are preparing to take a test. The night before, you are up studying, reviewing, and finding the best possible way to get your desired score. This is an example of good stress.  Next thing you know, you start to worry and wonder what will happen if you were to fail the test, oversleep, or draw a blank. You are now focusing so much on the “what ifs” you forget to focus on the content of the test. This is an example of good stress leading to bad stress.  Bad stress often happens when we replace general planning with fears. 


Stress is a perception that we experience when we feel overwhelmed by our environment or situation. It has an effect on our physical, mental, and emotions. Stress can come externally or internally, and can be good or bad. 


We want to help our clients manage their stress as it comes and goes in life and help them learn to find the balance between good and bad stressors. There are many different coping mechanisms used to reduce stress and/or turn it into something positive.


No matter the stress you are experiencing, we provide a comfortable and helpful environment to help you better manage.  Get the help you need today. Contact us with any questions and to schedule your appointment.


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