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DR. jill narcisi


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jill Narcisi

Dr. Narcisi has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2003. She earned her doctorate degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Narcisi’s course of training took her in various directions. She worked in outpatient facilities as a testing practitioner and psychology intern, as well as in hospital settings and residential placement centers.


In her post doctorate years, Dr. Narcisi earned her licensing credentials working with troubled teenagers and their families as an individual, family and group therapist.

Following this, she took a position as supervisor for the Integrated Assessment program for DCFS. There, for the next ten years, Dr. Narcisi received indepth training in early childhood development through the Erikson Institute of Chicago. Childhood trauma and family dynamics were the primary focus of the lengthy reports written for the children who required state provided services and alternative placements after living in dysfunctional and unsafe homes.


Dr. Narcisi now works exclusively with adults and couples providing outpatient psychotherapy.


She uses an eclectic approach, blending the various theories and treatment styles that have shaped her as a therapist. Dr. Narcisi will listen to your concerns and help you trace the undesirable patterns that repeatedly occur in your life. She will help couples discover the meaning underlying each other’s sensitivities so that they may return to the loving, caring bond that they once felt in their relationship.


Dr.Narcisi is a certified EMDR practitioner and is able to use this technique to diminish reactivity to frightening memories impacting you in the present day. Knowledgable in the connection between the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Narcisi will help you look at the entirety of your life and find the pathways where you can make change.


Prior to earning her doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Narcisi received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois. She was employed by various companies as a graphic designer and still enjoys creating art in different media. In addition, Dr. Narcisi studied voice and spent many years singing in choirs, a local choral troupe and soloing professionally.


Currently Dr. Narcisi enjoys her life with her husband and two sons, cooking, gardening and spending time with friends and family.



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