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Boules Clinical Psychology Group, PLLC

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I have been practicing clinical psychology for 25 years and have developed a unique boutique style practice where individuals and couples receive highly personalized attention. At Boules Clinical Psychology Group, PLLC, our philosophy is that it is the relationship that heals and we take pride in offering a private compassionate setting where individuals and couples can open up to their natural ability to heal. Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians utilize a bio-psycho-social model. We work with other health disciplines as needed so that our patients receive holistic treatment (including mind, body and spirit).

Dr. Gretchen A. Boules

Founder, President & CEO

5th Prescribing Psychologist in Illinois

Board Certified Tele-Mental Health (BC-TMH) Provider


Dr. Boules has been licensed as the 5th Prescribing Psychologist in the state of Illinois. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a bachelors degree from Loyola University of Chicago and a masters and doctorate degree from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Dr. Boules believes that in order for her patients to regain balance and lead a fulfilling life that it is important to understand an individual's unique life story, personal experience and emotional landscape. "When our mental health is compromised or if we are stressed or suffering, every other area of our well being is affected including mind, body and spirit." Dr. Boules offers a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in order for patient's to achieve optimum mental health.


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Dr. Boan has been licensed as the 2nd Prescribing Psychologist in the state of Illinois. Her approach to treatment involves a combination of biological, psychological, and philosophical principles to better understand behavioral, cognitive and neurological functioning. This framework allows for a thorough conceptualization of a person’s personality, history, health, and assessment performance. Ultimately this conceptualization guides medical and holistic treatment recommendations, which will help the individual person and his/her family.  She believes that treatment is most successful when holistic approaches are combined with medical interventions. She also believes that treatment should include interventions that will lead to immediate success, but also lifestyle changes that allow an individual to lead his/her best life.

Dr. Carli has worked in the psychology field for over 25 years gaining her expertise in a variety of diverse settings. Dr. Carli firmly believes that the therapeutic journey can lead to a stronger version of oneself. She views her role in the therapeutic relationship as a guide helping her patients on a path to a more complete self. It is her philosophy that by bridging a connection between the mind, body and spirit creates an overall wellness in ourselves and our patients. She focuses on developing healthier lifestyles by integrating traditional practices with meditations, mindfulness movement and diet.

Dr. Fogel has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2002. He completed his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2000. He also holds three bachelor’s degrees in physiology, education, and psychology. He blends elements of spirituality, biology, humor, and metaphor to his work, reflecting the mixture of science, art, and spirit that makes up the total human being.


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Dr. Narcisi has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2003. She earned herdoctorate degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Wellversed in the mind/body connection and on the impact of neurobiology on mentalhealth, her approach is straightforward and genuine and is based out of psychodynamic, developmental, and attachment theories.


Ms. Gilbertson is a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She has an extensive background in both dance and yoga. A cancer survivor, she discovered the value and benefits of yoga for strength and healing. Determined to help others, wellness yoga evolved. Ms. Gilbertson is offering virtual yoga classes during these trying times.

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Every one of us encounters emotional and psychological challenges at various points in our lives.


We are blessed with resources, both internal and external that can assist us through those times. Our treatment philosophy puts the patient at the center of the healing process.


We view our role as a facilitator that helps individuals process, uncover and engage their own individual resources throughout the restorative process and beyond. We believe that it is most important for each person to find a psychologist that they can connect with in order to promote change and growth. We practice an integrative psychotherapy that recognizes the powerful interplay between the mind and the body.