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Marital Therapy

Research has proven that the most successful marriages have a strong relationship foundation and a high level of emotional safety. I strive to help couples increase the emotional safety in their relationships to strengthen their relationship foundation. One of the most important areas I address is the quality of your communication. A relationship needs good communication like a plant needs water. I will look for negative cycles occurring in the relationship – and work towards disrupting them.

My therapy approach involves assessing what you and your partner learned about relationships from your parents or past partners. Did each of you have loving, supportive role models? Are you able to be open and vulnerable to each other in your relationship – or are there emotional blocks to intimacy and trust?

Ultimately, people thrive in healthy relationships and can lose themselves in destructive, unhealthy relationships. I offer a special, safe environment to speak honestly with your partner about these issues.

Possible goals to be attained in couples counseling:

  • Learn healthy communication skills and conflict de-escalation techniques

  • Identify and disrupt negative cycles occurring in the relationship

  • Increase emotional safety in the relationship

  • Explore and work through built up resentments

  • Heal from partner infidelity

  • Increase relationship intimacy

  • Clarify individual and relationship goals

  • Explore family of origin influences

  • Strengthen relationship foundation

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